[sf-lug] The Great Bay, a short review.

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Oct 27 13:04:09 PDT 2013

     Hi Team,
         Yesterday finished the book "The Great Bay" subtitled 
"Chronicles of the Collapse" and while it is not particularly inspired 
it projects the results of the Global Warming forward for 16 thousand 
years or thereabouts.
     The author is Dale Pendell and the book won the 2010 Best Science 
Fiction Green
Book Festival.
     He tossed in a triple plague at the beginning of the story which 
reduced the
population of the world to about a 20th of the present levels. It has 
maps which show the extent of the Great Bay which forms as the water 
levels rise in the
Central Valley of California.  He tells the stories of the survivors and 
the future
  natives of the area in short chapters and the projection of the 
results of the Warming and other incidents in somewhat longer more 
objective accounts.
     Needless to say we have devastating earthquakes resulting in damage 
which are irreparable due to the low levels of technology available.
     16 thousand years later the next Ice Age is at hand and the waters 
recede leaving
behind 30 meters of sediment to cover the cities of this technological age.

     It is not really a fun read but it is nice to see someone who gets 
the full story of what will be going on climatically. The human species 
survives but only the Colleagues of the Therocene Studies have the 
stories in their archives.  During the
long decline written materials are only maintained in religious orders 
of various sorts.

     I found this book at the SFPL Main on Saturday morning.  I finished 
it that day so it is neither a very long or difficult book to read.  I 
was happy to find it as it agrees with my projections of the future 
aside from the triple plagues which of course we
have always waiting in the wings especially with the decline in the 
effectiveness of
antibiotic medications.

     Oh and in the next 16 thousand years I would have expected 
Yellowstone to erupt.


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