[sf-lug] Meeting of Sunday October 6, 2013

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Thu Oct 10 08:28:50 PDT 2013

     Well I got there early and the Cafe E. was mobbed apparently with
overflow from the Event in Golden Gate Park.  Ken Shaeffer and his wife 
up a bit after 11:00 and had had trouble parking (EinGGP).  I produced 
of the new tool I had learned of in the Linux Pro magazine, Stress Linux 
is a hardware testing tool.  If anyone needs to learn more about it 
Google on
stresslinux and the information comes right away.  On Saturday night the 
4th of
September I downloaded .isos of the 32 bit and 64 bit persuasions and 
gave them
to the other attendees to try.  John Strazziano and his wife showed up 
next then
Jim breezed in to say he would return shortly.  Everyone had trouble 
parking who
didn't ride on Muni.  So Jim returned with his new machine and learned 
to do a
bit more with it and John tried out the 32 bit version and Jim tried out 
the 64
bit version.  John had brought a older Toshiba with only 512 Megabytes 
of memory
and Jim's new machine has 8 Gigabytes of memory.
     Eric showed up finally and he brought along his Android 7 inch tablet.
     It was well after 1 PM before the meeting broke up and this was
because Jim was testing his new machine.  John had a couple of other items
for redistribution including a laser printer, and some PPC Macs.
     John and Jim showed up a bit later.  Jim gave me a ride home and
dropped Eric at his next stop on Balboa.  John collected his wife and that
was the meeting.

     Interested in other Linux Distros and in other OSes?

  Mum Learns To Use Arch Linux 2013.08.01 (2013)

This is a rather long video of about 50 minutes and is very informative
as the young relative guides Mum thru the installation of Arch, the use of
pacman to install everything from a clock to TWM (a terminal window manager),
and the installation on TWM of Firefox and of Ranger. a text based file/directory
utility.  Finally I stopped when they got to installing KDE.  But they did a
base install without a lot of fancy stuff.


      I like this but I stopped because while I liked Mum's taste
I find this sort of information aside from the basic install information
a bit tiring.  Also Mum is a bit narrow in her computer use and takes
off nearly everything but a word processor, a spreadsheet, a calculator
and the off switch.

      Mum stars in other videos & her son is a good instructor as he shows off
with side visits to show off older OSes including Windows 1.0. Windows 95, and
Amiga OS.

	We are lucky Mum holds still for her bright son to show off his knowledge to her
and to us.


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