[sf-lug] FOSS Force's Best Personal Linux and FOSS Blog poll

Larry Cafiero larry.cafiero at gmail.com
Thu Aug 15 11:48:55 PDT 2013

Hi, all --

I wanted to bring to your attention, if you weren't aware of it already,
the FOSS Force Best Personal Linux and FOSS Blog Contest they're currently
running on their site.

FOSS Force is highlighting those personal blogs written from the standpoint
of passion for Linux and FOSS, not written for a paycheck, and it's
refreshing that someone is promoting the blogs that are not always on the

Yes, I have a personal stake in this -- two, actually -- as one of the
nominees, but frankly my intention in posting this is to promote this poll
in order to highlight many of the outstanding blogs that sometimes go
unnoticed by the wider FOSS audience, like Matthew Garrett's or Benjamin

Give them all a read and then vote for two blogs to go on to the final
round. Deadline for this round is Monday, Aug. 19, after which the final
round starts for another week of voting.

Here's the link:

Vote for the blogs you think are best. If one of them is mine, thank you,
but if not, it's truly honor enough to be on the ballot.

Larry Cafiero
Larry the Free Software Guy / Larry the CrunchBang Guy
"... cause I speak of the pompetous of FOSS"
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