[sf-lug] evolution problem on ubuntu 12.04.2

jim jim at systemateka.com
Wed Jul 24 18:49:44 PDT 2013

    Yesterday I upgraded from Ubuntu 10.04 to 
Ubuntu 12.04.2 and have problems. 
    Most important to me is my email. On the 
10.04 host I had about 7GB in a fairly complex 
directory tree. On the 12.04 host Evolution 
presents my email in the directories I recall, 
but it reports an error every time I send email: 

Failed to append to
mbox:///home/jim/.local/share/evolution/mail/local#Sent: Invalid folder
URI 'mbox:///home/jim/.local/share/evolution/mail/local#Sent'
Appending to local 'Sent' folder instead.

    This is unnerving. Can anyone explain or 
offer other comfort? 

    Also, after I clicked the Send button to 
send this email the system presented an Error 
panel saying 

An error occurred while sending. How do you want to proceed? 
The reporrted error was "MAIL FROM command failed: Connection reset by
[ Continue Editing ]  [ Save to Outbox ]  [ Try Again ] 

    I'm hoping for clarification, understanding, 
and remedy. 

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