[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting of Monday July 15.

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sat Jul 20 09:49:26 PDT 2013

Hi LUGgers,

     Well this was a small but intense meeting.
     First of all the Cafe Enchante was exceptionally crowdedand I had 
to wait to find
  a single table.  Shortly I was joined by Maestro who was having 
problems with his
      By the way Jim Stockford was too sick to come to the meeting and 
it may be that his health problems have continued.
     Maestro worked on his WiFi problems and by the end of the meeting 
had been forced to switch to the dark side of his dual boot installation 
to seek pages showing the configuration data for his system.  This let 
him get on line but his WiFi could not stay up and he is using 
CrunchBang.  I find the system as he was running it a bit difficult to
deal with.
     Eric showed up as well and was interested in the Linux Pro magazine 
which I had brought to the meeting.
     No one was interested in the extravagant graphics of the PCLinux 
KDE 64 bit Full Monte system which I had managed to get on a flash drive.

To sum it up then:
Maestro and Eric attended, Jim Stockford illing, so he be chillin!
  Maestro having problems with WiFi now connecting and otherwise.
  Eric having back pain.
     2000 home again via the #38 bus.

Next meeting is on August 4.  I plan to be there with my Asus TF 700 tablet
which is of course running Android Linux on kernel 2.4 or so.  I may not 
be bringing
my notebook as hauling it on and off the bus twice in an evening is 
getting old (like me).  By the way I am using this notebook now in 
preference to the tablet which
has interesting tools but so far does not seem to be able to open a text 
file.  Plays
my video animes very nicely with Joe's VLC.
John S.'s pal with the Raspberry Pi intends to bring it along to this 
meeting and
demonstrate its utility.

Regular announcement of the next meeting will be posted here a week from 
Monday22 July.

All are having a good summer, I trust.

Bobbie Sellers

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