[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting of Monday 15 April

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Wed Apr 17 20:43:42 PDT 2013

   Hi Luggers,
         Wish some more of you had been there.

   Well I got there, to the Cafe Enchante about 5:40PM
though I had started 10 minutes late the 38 Limited made
up the time     Mikki was there ahead of me and trying to
figure out how to set up a scanner in Ubuntu.
     Now I had been having trouble with the new installation
of PC Linux OS 64 2013.4 with KDE to my Compaq notebook.
I had brought it along and booted up in Live Mode and found
the relevant information on the net.  Since she left me all
alone I went ahead and re-installed PCLOS.  This is a very
fast install even from DVD.
     Mikki left before 7 PM but I managed to get the PCLOS
re-installed and partially reconfigured as Eric and Jim showed
up.   I was very happy to see them at this point but using the
procedures I have recently codified after looking on the net
and finding a sort of weak but accurate advice.  My purpose
in devising this procedure was to avoid excess typing in the
process of reconfiguring a new installation that uses
Thunderbird for mail and Usenet news and Firefox as
the browser.  I am now to version 20 of Firefox and
Version 17.0.4 running on a kernel of 3.2.8 by the
way and  in case anyone wondered.   This is PC Linux
first full release for 64 bit processors.  The first Releas
candidate worked OK in Live Mode and only the fact
that this came out before I could find the energy to
install that RC1 saved me from the update.
     Curiously enough it seems I finally got the installation
correct though i won't know until I shut it down,  But it
hibernates just fine.
        Jim was interested in how I backed up and restored the
configuration files for mailer and browser and I explained
to him what I was doing and this was done with a file manager
and back-up media like a low capacity flash drive.  In other
words working from the desktop environment to reconfigure
two important tools.  Jim thought i should write about it
and I expect to have something ready for the list shortly.
I expect the list to approach the article critically.

     Jim and Eric had a further appointment so things wound
up and time and dropped me at home on their way.

     Bobbie Sellers

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