[sf-lug] PCLinux OS 2013.4 installed.

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sat Apr 13 21:16:50 PDT 2013

I finally go it setup properly it seems.  Well I thought I was there on 
but the test account i was working on wiped out all the directories and 
in its /Home/user directory between boots.  I have spent lots of energy 
trying to remove the empty directory. I had to do just that with my original
user account then re-create it and then re-establish the link between a 
directory and the /data partition.
     On the other hand I have straightened out the /data partition (in main
hard drive) and /Adata partition (Adata on backup external hard drive )
permissions so that I can read and write to them.

     The PCLOS install is simpler and more complicated than the Mandriva.
Mandriva has everything done at the end of the Install but the PCLOS
makes you reboot before you can add the name you are using, root
passwords and primary user accounts.  My /data directory seems to
have confused it and the /data directory was the only one written to
my User directory.  So that was very sucky.
   I think it would have been find but for my eccentric partitioning
scheme.  In the meantime I could not locate my documents on setting
up the /data directory to  data partition properly.
     I did learn how to to backup and restore on Thunderbird though
so the time was not totally wasted,

        Have been spending all day getting this stuff to my liking
but Thursday night was so intense that I could not remember to
take my medications and supplements at bedtime and was
up for hours after that, Had to use root to keep up with my
email and Usenet posts.

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