[sf-lug] help needed in Arizona

Mikki McGee mikkimc at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 7 08:37:53 PDT 2013

Hello, all;

    A friend in Arizona sent me the following, and I am not sure how to 
help.  I suggested he contact ASU-LUG.org., at Ariz. State U.  I also 
said I would forward this to you at sf-lug.  He didn't state what his OS 
is, and being a computer cluzt myself, I don't know it it matters  (I 
have seen Ubuntu 6.6 used to read other systems.)

Bless All


My newest computer, Acer, only 13 months old!, something got corrupted, 
can't complete bootup. keeps recycling, repair and system restore 
functions don't help, no recovery disc avail, but understand I can make 
Ubuntu dvd and run that on the Acer, then copy all my files, esp. fotos, 
then wipe hard drive and reset system to a New Beginning!...does that 
sound right to U? will wanna work on this later, in between cooking and 
planting new trees, flowers, and doing a little rock work in the front 
"lawn" ( ha ha...hardly any grass in Tucson)...one of my poems 
begins..."I walked upon the grass today, barefooted.......there's not a 
lot of grass in Tucson.....it was a short walk...."...(poem still under 
construction)...miss u all...God bless.

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