[sf-lug] Booting Lubuntu from USB

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Sun Jan 13 13:22:31 PST 2013

Michael Shiloh writes (responding to my recommendation of PLOP):
> Thanks for the tip. This might be the perfect solution to installing
> Linux on an old laptop that has no CDROM reader and can not boot
> from USB device.

Unfortunately, PLOP probably won't help if you don't already have
Linux on the machine, because you have to find some way of getting
a grub (or another bootloader) onto the machine's boot partition.

I've usually found it easiest to remove the disk from the target
machine, plug it into a running Linux machine using a USB adaptor,
get a partition onto the disk using cp -ax or debootstrap, then
fiddle around setting up a bootloader. There are probably less geeky
ways you can point a distro installer at a USB disk and not have to
set up the bootloader by hand.


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