[sf-lug] Booting Lubuntu from USB

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 21:31:17 PST 2013


I am trying to boot from a USB with Lubuntu on an older machine with 512 MB
of RAM.  That machine is currently running Ubuntu 12.04 Unity, which is a
little slow, so I want to try to install Lunbuntu.  I have downloaded a
copy of Lubuntu onto a USB stick, and confirmed that it is bootable on
another machine.  But the machine that I am trying to install it on, a Dell
Dimension 4400 with 512 MB of RAM, won't boot from the USB stick.

I went into the BIOS, and set up the boot order with "removable dev" as the
first boot device, and the hard drive as the last boot device.  The machine
just goes through all of the boot devices, ignoring the removable USB stick
and eventually boots from the hard drive.

I have tried to load Lubuntu onto a CD, but unfortunately, it is about 756
MB of RAM, and the CDs that I have handy are only 700 MB CDs.  I would
really like to use Lubnutu, as opposed to a smaller ISO image, such as
MacPup, but I fear that I am running out of options for this machine.  Any
suggestions are welcome.  Thanks in advance.
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