[sf-lug] BALUG: no Dec. meeting & other BALUG news

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Dec 17 14:44:44 PST 2012

BALUG: no Dec. meeting & other BALUG news


items, details further below:
2012-12 no BALUG meeting; next BALUG meetings 2013-01-15, ...
BALUG "announce" list
past meeting materials (Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, OpenPhoto, ...)
Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/BALUG_org
volunteering to help BALUG


2012-12 no BALUG meeting in December.  We typically skip December.
Happy Holidays!  We generally meet 3rd Tuesdays, mark your calendars!:
2013-01-15 2013-02-19 2013-03-19 2013-04-16 2013-05-21 2013-06-18
2013-07-16 2013-08-20 2013-09-17 2013-10-15 2013-11-19 ...


BALUG "announce" list
Want to be sure and catch important BALUG news/announcements?  It is
also a "low volume" list (generally maximum of 3 emails per month, and
sometimes as few as only one).  Consider subscribing directly so you
receive them in a timely manner and don't miss any such announcements.


past meeting material (Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, OpenPhoto, ...)

Missed one of our past meetings, or want to see/review the materials
from the meeting?  In some cases presenters provide us with copies of
materials, or we may record a talk/presentation.

These are some of the more recent materials we have:

2012-06-19: Raspberry Pi - Allan Cecil

2012-02-21: OpenPhoto Project - Jaisen Mathai

2012-04-17: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin - Grant Bowman &  
Elizabeth Krumbach

Sometimes speakers/presenters also have materials elsewhere - e.g. their
own web sites.  See also the "announce" archives for many of those links.


Twitter - you can also follow BALUG on Twitter:


volunteering to help BALUG

Want to volunteer to help out BALUG?  Quite a variety of opportunities*
Drop us a note at:
balug-contact at balug.org
Or come talk to us at a BALUG meeting.
o assist on publicity
o assist on speaker coordination/procurement, etc.
o webmastering
o archivist/history/retrieval/etc.
o Linux Systems Administration (e.g. do/assist/learn, with/under some
   quite experienced and skilled Linux systems administrators).
o and other various/miscellaneous tasks BALUG "ought" to be doing or
   would be good to do (feel free to bring ideas!)


Feedback on our publicity/announcements (e.g. contacts or lists where we
should get our information out that we're not presently reaching, or
things we should do differently): publicity-feedback at balug.org



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