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Centeractive AG centeractive.communities at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 02:17:29 PST 2012


We are a Swiss software company called centeractive ag. We have recently
developed what we think is a pretty handy tool for log analysis called
Retrospective Log Analyzer (www.retrospective.ch).

It’s not a spam message; we are not trying to sell you anything. We would
like to offer your community 10 free Retrospective Log Analyzer licences
(worth 58$ each) in the hope that we will get some valuable feedback from
real users. Communities like yours seem a perfect place for this.  For the
previous 6 months we have been improving this software and the feedback we
have received so far has always been of great value to us.

To get your free licence you need to register at:
http://community.centeractive.net quoting the following code: US_SFR_7337.
Then you can go directly to the download site: www.retrospective.ch

Retrospective’s key features are: search / tail (monitoring) of  logs on
Linux hosts over SSH and on local disks, log entries split, column-split,
log4j support, date auto-parsing in logs, and SSH keys support.

The Retrospective cartoon presents all these features in a nutshell:

We would be very grateful for any comments on our forum:

Any serious advice/comments will be considered when we prepare the next

centeractive ag team
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