[sf-lug] Fw: [galway-lug] Why Linux Sucks | LFNW 2012

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon May 21 18:05:55 PDT 2012

Quoting Frantisek Apfelbeck (algoldor at yahoo.com):

>An interesting watch and funny at time --> 

_Every_ operating system sucks.


1.  Presenter seems fixated on the suckitude of buggy and overengineered
GNOME-based (and in one case KDE-based) desktop distros.  And actually,
he's fixated almost solely on Ubuntu (with a tiny bit of attention paid
to Fedora so he can kid himself into thinking he's covered the field.
So, we basically have here a standard-issue OS-advocacy idiot who's
fixated on Ubuntu and its problems.  This got old a long time ago.

2.  Presenter acts as if choice and diversity are bad things.  Cinnamon
vs. blah-blah-blah.  Oh, spare me.

3.  Wow, hardware manufacturers are still wankers who push out sucky
proprietary drivers by default, so 'drivers still suck'.  Who knew?
Gosh, welcome to this universe, guy.  But somehow hardware manufacturers
being wankers reflects badly on Linux?  Quoi?

4.  'Multi-arch breaks old packages'.  OK, get the new versions, then.

5.  'Changing the entire user experience is still going on'.  Only if
you're drinking the Ubuntu Kool-Aid.  My user experience is stable and
the way I like it.

6.  X.org can be broken if you screw with it or insist on using
proprietary video drivers.  Don't screw with it or insist on using
proprietary video drivers.  (Also, he blames Ubuntu's semi-broken
upgrade path a/o the last release on X.org.  Odd.)

7.  Waahhh, Wayland's not here yet.  But do we care, really?  No.

8.  It's (allegedly) bad to need to package software separately for each
distribution.  Yawn.  'You have to maintain your software separately for
each distribution.'  No, you don't.  That's not upstream's job.  It's
what distros have package maintainers for, and the work of package
maintainers of making software comply with distro policies is A Good

This guy basically just doesn't understand what packaging is all about,
and thus to him it looks duplicative.

9.  'Everyone ignores Linux Standard Base.'  No, wrong.  The fact that
'deb is far, far more popular' does not, contrary to his assertion, show
what he claims it does.

10.  'Here's what Linux usage is over the last ten years.'  God, that's
pathetic.  His metric is the laziest and worst attempt to guesstimate
Linux usage I've seen in years.  Distrowatch hits?  C'mon.

OK, I watched half of it.  That's enough.

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