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Beautiful thought for the day:

I just went to the Zareason home page for no reason other than to see what
was going on there, and I saw a beautiful picture there, one of the most
beautiful pictures involving computers that I have seen in a long time:


It is a shot of a child throwing a notebook computer up into the air.  The
notebook computer seems to be hovering over the child's hands, light as
air.  To me, the message is an emotional depiction of the joy of freedom.
 The shot is outside, and set against the backdrop of the San Francisco Bay
Bridge and the San Francisco skyline on a beautiful blue day.  The shot
gives the impression of how freeing a light notebook computer can be.  The
child is smiling as if it is so much fun to float the computer over her

I found this picture to be wonderful because I have long felt that we in
the free software world need to get better about communicating the joy,
love, and happiness that is represented by free software.  Free software to
me represents an incredible act of giving, and so I was happy to see a
commercial provider like Zareason engage in this kind of outreach.

Imagine what a difference it would make if people thought of their
computers as an expression of community, rather than as something that they
have to put up with.  Imagine how nice it would be if there were as much
choice in notebook and desktop computing as there is in phones.

I am a huge fan of Zareason as a company because of their focus on reaching
non-geeky users, and this picture seemed to capture that for me.  So I just
had to share it, in case others found it as beautiful as I did.
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