[sf-lug] last meeting... + security

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Thu Apr 5 16:36:19 PDT 2012

     Someone wrote and asked for this:        I was first on the scene,
then Ken Schaeffer and wife, Alex K, Jim Stockford and Eric P.
         I have had a lot of trouble with the notebook lately but
hoped with Ken Schaeffer's help, to get the hibernation
working again but it was not to be.  On the other hand
I managed to get the nVidia driver working again
without much work.
         Stockford, Schaeffer. Alex and Eric seem to be having
a serious discussion again of programing but it was not
continuous but moving topics around again.
         A topic of wider discussion was the choice of OS
and Eric has a matrix to help him decide.  This was
occasioned by my remark after a week of struggling
with my system, that "I may not be smart enough to
run Linux. However I cannot afford a MacOS device
and am not stupid enough to be happy with MS Windows.
So I guess Linux is stuck with me."
         The meeting broke up about 1 PM and both
Eric and I were given rides by Jim and Alex.
         Thank you very much for the ride givers.

     Today I had a problem with downloading my e-mail
which lasted about 10 hours before I managed to repair
     Then I found this in Usenet after I had fixed the problem
i was having.  Completely unrealted to my own problem AFAIK.

Wonder how crackers bypass your firewall and infect your system.
Easy, get in from an infected web site you are surfing.
How you ask?

Evil hides everywhere: Web Application Exploits in Headers

How many security advisories are you missing today?:(

	Thanks to Bit Twister.


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