[sf-lug] SF-LUG & BALUG: System OS upgrades - more details ;-)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Sun Feb 26 00:34:01 PST 2012

[include: "SF-LUG & BALUG: System OS upgrades" (less quotes) within
Subject: header for folks to follow on this topic]

I've put yet more details (plus some corrections and updates) on the
wiki page:
most of the added bits in the section noted at URL above - essentially
mostly covers more detail of procedure to "upgrade" (install + merge)
existing host operating system for vicki.

Looks like we should be all set to do this Monday evening sometime after
about 6 P.M.  I'd guestimate altogether, including through bringing sflug
VM guest up under qemu-kvm will probably take several hours or so.

Nice to have a VM environment to run dry-run tests/simulations of most all
of this on.  :-)

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