[sf-lug] "soon"- SF-LUG & BALUG: System OS upgrades (Feb. 22? 23? 24?)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Feb 9 13:03:07 PST 2012

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Per continued discussion at (and a bit after) last SF-LUG meeting on
2012-02-05, we're still planning to do these key system upgrades fairly
soon - mostly likely the evening of 2012-02-22, 2012-02-23 or 2012-02-24
(or possibly later, if need be).  Security support of Debian GNU/Linux
5.0 alias "Lenny" has ended[1], so, to the extent feasible, doing these
"upgrades" sooner, rather than later, is generally a *good thing*.

If you're interested and available for the onsite work to be done (or in
general on these "upgrades") let Jim Stockford <jim at well.com> and/or
myself know, so, as feasible, we may be able to coordinate - at least if
you're also interested in the onsite portion.

The general game plan is pretty well mapped out[2] at this point (though
I should still get the documentation a wee bit more caught up).

1. http://www.debian.org/News/2012/20120209

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