[sf-lug] Unity Desktop Meets Avant Window Navigator - JOY!

Joe Baker joebaker at dcresearch.com
Tue Feb 7 11:57:24 PST 2012

The Unity Desktop has been really hard for me this last month.
With the stresses of a new job, the last thing I needed was to have my 
window navigation features stripped from me and changed.

Well along the way I found a couple of new features that help some people.

The Super key is that one with the windows logo on it....

Super-W   shrinks all your windows so you can click on the one you want 
to bring forward.

But using Alt-Tab  and Alt "`"   just wasn't cutting it for me when I 
usually have about 30 windows opened on the desktop that remain opened 
for weeks at a time.

ENTER.... Avant Windows Navigator

So today I finally reached the point where I was going to solve this 
problem... Surely somewhere in the "Ubuntu software Center" there had to 
be some sort of program which would solve my navigtation woes.

This tool gives us icons along the bottom of the screen like the 
Macintosh has..
You can click on it's firefox icon and a list of title windows comes up 
where you can read what the active tab of the windows tells you for all 
the firefox windows.

This is a huge relief.

Once again I'm proud of my Linux Desktop


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