[sf-lug] Looking for some Networking classes/ Training

Anthony Riley anth1y at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 17:47:12 PST 2012

Good Evening,
I was just recently hired as a sysadmin for Usenix. Part of my duties is to
travel to various conference sites (at hotels) and set up wired/ wireless
network. My boss just asked me to look into getting some networking classes
so I can be more proficient in supporting our network(s). So I was
wondering if anyone knew of some companies that might be able to offer a
course/training at non-profit prices. Most of our routers and switches are
Cisco/ Linksys. On the wireless side have some Merakis and Xirrus and Cisco
I'm open for any suggestions thanks


Anthony Riley II
Linux user  #521929
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