[sf-lug] Desktop computer and associated stuff: Looking to donate to a good cause

Riley VanDyke WritingSolutions2010 at rvandyke.com
Tue Aug 9 10:04:23 PDT 2011


Having moved entirely to the use of laptop computers, I now have a
very usable desktop computer and associated stuff that I want to
donate to the Linux cause.

The system is NOT an old "clunker": It's a 1 GHz P4 with 2 GB of RAM,
has two tray-swappable disk drives, a 17" square flat-screen monitor,
a wireless keyboard, and an HP Deskjet printer.  I'm also throwing in
a 160 MB (yeah, MB not GB) desktop USB drive and a grab-box of
vestigial cables and stuff.

This was originally a W2K system so I've re-formatted the drives and
installed a clean baseline instance of W2K.  Presumably someone will
have a Linux install disc handy (I don't at the moment) so that the
system can be re-loaded with Linux.  (I actually ran this system as a
W2K / Linux dual boot for three-plus year…)

Finally, note that I do not drive.  So someone will need to pick up
the ENTIRE package (four boxes — two mid-sized, two small) from the
Outer Sunset (19th and Lincoln area) and get it where it needs to go.

I'll be checking email only intermittently the next couple of days, so
please don't become impatient if I don't respond right away.

Cheers & hope this helps,

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