[sf-lug] Free pizza and Linux computers in school this Sunday!

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 18:27:15 PDT 2011


We did some really great work today, and had fun doing it!  We installed 14
GNU-Linux work stations in 3 classrooms at the public charter KIPP San
Francisco Bay Academy at Geary and Scott Streets.  Thanks very much to Eric
S., Joe Puig, Grant Bowman, Michael Paoli, Elizabeth Krumbach, and Michelle
Mastin, for doing a really fast, great job with these installs!  The
teachers are gonna love these machines!  Here are a few pics from Elizabeth
Krumbach and Michelle Mastin:




The 7th grade social studies teacher is going to use the machines for
student video editing.  The 6th grade social studies teacher is going to use
the machines for student research.  The 5th grade math teacher is going to
use the machines for student math practice.  This is a really meaningful
contribution to public schools that otherwise would not have the money to
get computers into these teachers' classrooms!  Thanks everyone for the
great work that you did today!

If anyone is interested in helping Partimus.org put computers into schools,
we are excited to get your help.  If you are too busy, but have a few
dollars that you can spare, contributions are also welcome!  Donating can be
as easy as buying some Ubuntu-themed earrings for someone you love:


There will be plenty more events like this one, if you didn't get a chance
to come today!

On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 2:02 PM, Christian Einfeldt <einfeldt at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> The school year is starting again in a big way, and we have teachers who
> need GNU-Linux computers!  If you can come to the KIPP school this Sunday
> 8/7/11, you will get free pizza and drinks!  Pls come to the back of the
> school @ O'Farrell and Pierce as the school is undergoing heavy
> construction.  Pls call me @ 415.351.1300 when you arrive so that I can
> get you into the building!  We will probably have lunch @ about 12:30 or
> so.  Please bring blank CDs, screw drivers, needle nose pliers, cat 5
> cables, hubs, switches, and surge protectors if you have them.  Please also
> bring blank CDs and Ubuntu 10.04 disks if you have them.  Thanks!
> We will be installing standalone Linux machines in classrooms.
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