[sf-lug] K & R errata

Alison Chaiken alchaiken at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 12:44:21 PDT 2011

jim writes:
> "They should both get initialized to zero, which means that they should
> go into the .bss section of the ELF file...."
> JS: This is Linux-specific behavior? I.e. not necessarily true
> for non-Linux OSes?

AFAIK all major Unices have migrated from older a.out to ELF:


By the way, binutils has lots of other useful stuff besides readelf, for
example nm and objdump.     You have hours of happy man-page reading ahead
of you!

If I didn't have a deadline, I'd make a .c file with

int a1;
int a2;
. . .
int a100;

and compare it's size to

int a[100];

but I have a deadline right now.    I don't know the answer to the earlier
question about the function declarations and memory and would like to
explore that too, but maybe I should try to get my presentation finished
before my business trip instead  .  .  .

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