[sf-lug] Help get Ubuntu LiveCD to have encryption options!

Micah Lee micahflee at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 15:05:42 PDT 2011

I apologize to people who are also subscribed to noisebridge-discuss who 
I just sent the same plea to, but I think it's important and LUGers are 
likely to care :).

A lot of us are Ubuntu users, and also a lot of us are cypherpunks. With 
every Ubuntu release (happy Ubuntu Natty release day!) I'm reminded that 
I need to download the alternate CD instead of the normal desktop CD if 
I want to use whole disk encryption, which is really important for every 
laptop user and is easy to use and built into the operating system. But 
why the alternate CD instead of the normal desktop LiveCD? Because they 
just haven't programmed it yet.

I recently talked to the chief technical officer of the Ubuntu project, 
Matt Zimmerman, who told me that ideas that gain steam on 
http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ actually get implemented. Please create an 
Ubuntu Brainstorm account and upvote solution #1 on this idea and spread 
the word: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/24712/

If you can just click "encrypt my hard drive" during the install, a lot 
of people who have no idea that whole disk encryption is an option with 
Ubuntu will have much stronger security. And I'll finally be able to 
download the normal desktop CD to install Ubuntu.


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