[sf-lug] SF-LUG Meeting of Monday April 18, 2011

Ken Shaffer kenshaffer80 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 22:07:50 PDT 2011

>>     Did you try the MacPup option to write the system to the
> USB stick?
>    Having to type something like that phrase which is a bit
> obscure is ideal if you are saving work on your boot media.
>    later
>    Bobbie

I was starting with the macpup iso, and did not have a macpup system to
write the usb, so since I have difficulties writing CDs, I used unetbootin
to go straight to the usb -- which I found did not boot without the minor
pmedia fixes.
  After getting the macpup squared away, I was inspired to tackle my
AmigaForever boot usb.  That's based on Knoppix, and uses the open e-uae
Amiga emulator -- but it didn't work until changing some permissions on the
filesystems, and editing the startup scripts a bit.  I did get the usb stick
to boot into an Amiga emulation, and then added all my old Amiga files from
my backups -- voila, a restored Amiga netboot!  Turns out my 14" AMD turion
laptop gets very hot running the Amiga emulation (e-uae is a package choice
right off the Ubuntu synaptic package manager!), but the netbook Intel atom
n450 CPU runs it and stays cool.  All the games and demos the AmigaForever
distribution gives you seem to just run on the Windows installation, and not
the Linux "kxlight" install.  I didn't need the games/demos, just the
rom-kernel images for running the e-uae.  I still have an Amiga Font editor
I'd like to run to complete a true-type font with my signature.
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