[sf-lug] Todays meeting Sunday 3 April 2011

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Apr 3 14:12:20 PDT 2011

Hello SF-LUGgers

	We had an interesting meeting.  I showed
up first then John Strazzarino who brought a generic
Dell box for donation and a new distro of Puppy, MacPup.
  Jeff and his wife. then Alain who hasn't been around
for a while but had trouble with his sound card since
updating to Ubunto 10.10, Greg and finally Eric who
strolled in while I was looking elsewhere.

	Jim Stockford showed up very briefly and looked
quite ill to me but he came to collect the donated
box.  Said he had been in bed for two days and I
doubt he should have spared the time to come by
	Get well soon Jim.

	John is having a lot of interesting problems
with various hardware and solving most of them it
sounds like.
	Jeff and Greg helped Alain and solved his
sound problems.
	I booted up the MacPup and got a look at
Firefox 4..  Maybe a bit cleaner.  MacPup is
a live distro but offers choices to save data
when exiting to local disks, CD or Flash drive
I believe.  Should be good choice for old
x-86 boxes with enough ram expecially if Windows
must be maintained.  MacPup has nothing to do
with PPC Macs and is for use on x86 boxes.

	So about 1 PM we broke up the meeting
and made our ways home or to our next recreation
or chores.	

	Bobbie Sellers



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