[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting next Monday March 21, 2011

jim jim at systemateka.com
Thu Mar 17 08:58:18 PDT 2011

	Hi SF-LUG members and prospects.

	SF-LUG meets on the Third Monday from 6-8 PM
at the Cafe Enchante on Geary at 26th Avenue.
	All meeting times are nominal.

	Bring your problems and if no one in attendance
can solve a problem we know where to find more help.
Last meeting I got help from another member which
merely inspired me when I got home to solve my
driver problem by continuing search.

	I have the latest Linux Journal and Linux Pro
magazine which features something I have never seen
before an EcoDisc DVD , thinner more flexible and lighter
than the usual DVD. It has a thicker central hole and
the area around the hole is a bit dished.
    Cafe Enchante is at 6157 Geary Boulevard on the
South East corner of Geary and 26th Avenue.
(415) 251-9136  if you want to call.
     If you're coming by bus, take any of the Geary
buses west, they run often.

     Here's a link to a map.


	Bobbie Sellers

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