[sf-lug] an interesting SF book

Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Fri Mar 11 17:35:27 PST 2011

	The Human Blend by Alan Dean Foster
	This is set in the not too distant future when the East Coast of the 
USA is flooded as are most low-lying areas on the planet.

	The scene is Old Savannah where petty criminals are murdering
for the melded parts and run across a very strange item that results
in the rest of the action.
	The item is composted of MetaStable Metallic Hydrogen
and seems to be a data storage device.
	The criminals are Jimminy Criket a human who had melded
to his body double length thighs and the muscles and tendons to
support them.  His companion is Wispr who chose to be very thin
since he came from a family of fat people.

	There are a great variety of melded people and when one
surgery goes bad a doctor who does house calls finds a strange
item of MSMH in the botched surgery which being quantum entangled
vanishes as it is being analyzed.

	The scene is fantastic with the changes to the
South-Eastern USA in the Climate Change and the melded people
some of who have adapted their bodies to the conditions
and some of whom have adapted the new crocodilians to their
own uses.

	This is the first book of a trilogy.


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