[sf-lug] Getting a new email address

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Mar 7 17:08:19 PST 2011

Quoting Jim Stockford (jim at well.com):

>     Mainly it's just me monitoring the sf-lug mailing list. 
>     Rick sometime back made an excellent point regarding 
> whether an administrator should add people to the roster, 
> at least as i recall: no, don't do it because if the 
> administrators make a typing mistake, there's no easy way 
> for them to determine that. 

There's a feature in Mailman that meets users halfway, though: 
You go to the Mailman adminstration pages' 'Mass subscription' subpage[1]
and put in one or more address of people you think might want to 
subscribe.  However, instead of immediately hitting Submit Your
Changes, you should first alter this radio button setting:

 Subscribe these users now or invite them?  (o) Subscribe ( ) Invite

to this:

 Subscribe these users now or invite them?  ( ) Subscribe (o) Invite

_Then_ hit the  Submit Your Changes button.  The user will receive a
tailored invitation to join, which he/she can accept by just visiting a
custom URL -- or by responding to the invitation mail.

The point is that the user needing to actually _receive_ that mail
proves that the address is deliverable before he/she can accept, which
is exactly where the default 'Mass subscription' mode fails, you see.

[1] http://linuxmafia.com/mailman/admin/sf-lug/members/add

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