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Subject: Re: [sf-lug] What do you people use to organize your photos both
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Keywords created flat files which I don't like much, seems like a (mid) 20th
century technology.

I have an "Asset Management" program in Mac that is ageing / ailing but
really helps a lot, I do wish there was an open source replacement (the
newer versions of this program I don't like expensive bloatware).

Even with the program I stilll use file/folder system, I like to experiment
with organizational schemes, but I only use a few aliases here and there. I
have found that most people are challenged to think clearly in two
dimensions never mind three -- we mostly live in two dimensions unless we
are pilots.

I would like to have some running software that assists me in classifying /
reclassifying things. I have some toolkits but barely prototypes. I'd be
interested in working with others on a hacking project maybe. My desire here
at this point not to gui but to have graphical presentation of results and
some command line features. This should be scriptable / hackable. Given a
current representation of some kind, the program could perhaps present the
user with some feedback or assist in further filing.

Certainly if I had some better tools my life in Linux would be expanded, I
would want the tools to be cross platform though still and cloud solutions
for me are out of the question.

What I would really like (dream) is software that could work directly with
images rather than relying (exclusively) on textual tags. This is not
impossible, but for practical purposes I think it requires some (General
Purpose) GPU programming ie OpenCL, which is an emerging technology I hope
to become involved with.

Long story short -- getting real tired of twentieth century (soft)

On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 4:44 PM, Akkana Peck <akkana at shallowsky.com> wrote:

> Mikki McGee writes:
> >    After looking at what was available, I decided to do it all "my way."
> > I collect art pictures from museums, and pictures of specimens of a
> > diverse group of living things; and so I upload into a directory called
> > /CAMERA, and sort and edit and same into, for example,
> > /Art/Legion/Statuary.    Or into /Arthropoda/Insecta/Lepidoptera,
> >    or into /Pictures/Friends.
> I tried that, but it got complicated and I gave up -- if I have a
> photo that has my friend Bill and his dog, do I put duplicate copies
> in Images/People/Bill and Images/Animals/Dogs? Put the pic in one
> place and symlink to the other place?
> I organize photos in directories by year, and within each year I
> just make descriptive names for upload directories, like
> Images/2011/RSA-baby-quail if I went on a hike at Rancho San
> Antonio where I saw a lot of baby quail.
> Then each of these directories has a Keywords file (just a text file,
> keyword: file1.jpg file2.jpg ...) and I have a script that can
> search recursively for keywords.
> I know, you're probably thinking, "What a lot of wasted effort!
> [insert favorite big bloated Gnome app or proprietary app] can do
> all that and has a GUI too!" And probably you're right. But with
> my way, I can change my filing scheme or the way I access keywords
> at any time, I can copy any subset of my images to another machine
> (any platform) at any time, and I never have to worry about how
> to migrate a database if the program ever stops being maintained or
> changes its UI in a way I don't like. There are some advantages to
> the old-school text file approach.
>        ...Akkana
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