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Molly Bee mountainoceansky at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 22 09:59:41 PST 2011

Rick, thank you so much for your (yes, very generous) detailed report. I understand much of it (thanks jim!) because of my healthy relationship with my previous lap-dancer, a Hardy Heron switchover on a cowDell laplauncher with a motherpad landingstrip. It was also very blue, and THIS ONE IS BLUE TOO, SO THERE SHOULD BE NO PROBLEM CONVERTING IT TO LINUX, YES?

Ken, if I want to destroy Windows and all its minions, can I just wipe the whole disk (including the HP Tools) and not lose firmware grips on my hardware? Or Linux is magick and comes pre-packed with its own drivers? Or, or, if I'm missing a driver, I just make eyes at the multiverse and it hands it to me on a silver platter? Yes?

I'm prepared to do a clean break and run ONLY Linux... in fact, I would /prefer/ this scenario to a dual boot. Rebirth for complete nativehood, please!

BillHill-- do you have a brother named Stephen gallivanting about the Rocky Mountains? Because HILL IS A VERY UNCOMMON SURNAME, AND SURELY YOU MUST BE RELATED!

Rick, et al., where do I send the dehydrated huckleberries? If I send them to Noisebridge, I know they really will be et al.
and that Hopey Changey thing!
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