[sf-lug] Migrated wrong set from thunderbird, lost a bunch of folders. Can I be saved?

Michael Shiloh michaelshiloh1010 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 18:22:33 PST 2011

On 01/19/2011 06:19 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Michael Shiloh (michaelshiloh1010 at gmail.com):
>> Perhaps because I was afraid of the answer.
>> It is as I feared. The mail is gone.
> Dept. of Gallows Humour:  Well, at least the indexes are probably correct.
> (Condolences.)

Yes! Long live the indices!

After the initial shock I will probably find that I get along fine.

Frustratingly I've also lost all changes to my address book in the past 
year, including all the email contacts I've made since then. This means 
digging out some other way to contact them....


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