[sf-lug] Meetiing this evening.

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Dec 20 23:59:43 PST 2010

Quoting Jeff Bragg (jackofnotrades at gmail.com):

> Slight correction:  I believe Ramon, Patrick, and Greg were from City
> College (CCSF), not SF State.

It might be worth letting Ramon, Patrick, and Greg know that there was
once a CCSF LUG, whose Web site (last updated 2002) still exists:

Moreover, its mailing list, run using the Majordomo mailing list
manager, also (last I checked) still exists and is perfectly usable.
To join it, send e-mail to majordomo at cloud.ccsf.cc.ca.us containing the
phrase subscribe lug as your message's body text (not its subject
header, which may be anything).

The above details are present for future reference at
http://linuxmafia.com/bale/#ccsflug, an entry I've maintained all these
years in case some CCSF students ever wished to revive the group.

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