[sf-lug] Meetiing this evening.

Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Mon Dec 20 21:06:41 PST 2010

     Well, I showed up early and before I could do more
than get my laptop working along came 3 guys from
SF State who want to start a LUG, Ramon, Patrick and
Greg.  A young woman who was in India and bought
a laptop which was then loaded at a shop with all sorts
of pirated softwares which seems to be the custom in
India.  We started talking about the problems of
installation but she was not sure of the details of her
     Then in came Jim and he spent a lot of time
with the YL and then with the SF State guys talking
about organizing a LUG.  Eric and Jeff showed up
about 7 PM and added to the discussion.  We tried
booting several distros on Jim's laptop but were
not consistently successful and gave the young
lady several Live CDs to try out and phone numbers
to call for more help.

     A very interesting and stimulating meeting
even if my mind did not hang on to the YL's name.


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