[sf-lug] Great value maybe. handheld computer + phone @ RadioShack $200 only til Nov 20? $25/m unlimited internet; jor

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Sun Nov 14 23:38:41 PST 2010

I just bought a new computer, Samsung Intercept (SI) handheld computer
with touch screen & kbd, $200 new product offering (will go to $250 on
Nov 20?) at Radio Shack (RS).

It has Virgin Mobil (VM) cell phone access (Sprint owns the VM system in

I have 30 days to decide to keep or return it.

Runs Android.

Could be a superb value, with unlimited internet at $25/m from VM, which
includes 300 minutes talk time.  Unlimited
talk over wifi through Google talk.  IIRC, 1200min talk for $40.

Might be a great value for the budget minded, like students (hence my
post to BTIP).  If you're interested, get to Radio Shack right away
cause the discount intro pricing ends soon.

Two main questions I'm currently looking for answers to:

1) How can I tether a laptop through wifi to the SI through VM to the
1b) Tethering via USB would be better, but IIRC I heard somewhere that
teth via USB is impossible with Android. Any way to get USB tethering
working under Android?

2) What is the GNU(Linux) way to use this computer?  What distro should
I put on it?  Is there an Ubuntu or Debian distro for handheld computers
like this?
2b) Any suggestions about getting root & howto put a G(L) distro on?
2c) Should I merely get root, & leave the Android system on?

The user interface seems to lack organization, lacking a nicely
organized application grouping.  It just has about 20 icons for
different programs.

Runs Android 2.1.  The RS (IIRC) sales guy said Samsung doesn't have 2.2
on any Samsung phones yet, although 2.2 has been out for about 6 months.

If I should leave Android on it, what might I do about it not having 2.2
available?  Is that of much importance?

Any GNU(Linux) handheld computer users on this list?

Thanks. :)

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