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Thu Oct 21 05:43:43 PDT 2010

   As seen on the Ubuntu US California list 

Level Up to IPv6 with Ubuntu 10.10 on Comcast (Linux.com)
[Announcements] Posted Oct 20, 2010 18:03 UTC (Wed) by corbet

Linux.com has a tutorial on how to participate in the IPv6 trial[1]
being run by Comcast, a major US ISP. "In phase one of their trials they
are relying on the tunneling mechanisms 6to4 and more recently 6RD
(Rapid Deployment). Comcast has 'open sourced' its solution based on
OpenWRT if you happen to have a router supported by OpenWRT. I do not,
so like any self-respecting Linux geek, I set out to do it with a Linux
box. I found the documentation for doing so difficult to find."

 [1] http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/371742-ipv6-6rd-linux-router-on-comcast-using-ubuntu-maverick-1010

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