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Subject: Ubuntu 10.10 is Released
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Some time ago a group of hyper-intelligent pan dimensional beings
decided to finally answer the great question of Life, The Universe and
Everything.  To this end, a small band of these Debians built an
incredibly powerful distribution, Ubuntu. After this great computer
programme had run (a very quick 3 million minutes...or 6 years) the
answer was announced.  The Ultimate answer to Life, the Universe and
Everything is...42, and in its' purest form 101010.  Which suggests that
what you really need to know is 'What was the Question?'.  The great
distribution kindly pointed out that what the problem really was that
no-one knew the question. Accordingly, the distribution designed a set
of successors, marked by a circle of friends...to ultimately bring Unity
to all things living...Ubuntu 10.10, to find the question to the
ultimate answer.

And with that, the Ubuntu team is pleased to announce Ubuntu 10.10.
Codenamed "Maverick Meerkat", 10.10 continues Ubuntu's proud tradition
of integrating the latest and greatest open source technologies into a
high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution.

Read more about the features of Ubuntu 10.10 in the following press

 Desktop and Netbook editions
 Server edition

Canonical has also launched the ‘Ubuntu Server on Cloud 10’ program.
Anyone will be able to try out Ubuntu 10.10 Server Edition on Amazon EC2
for free for one hour. Visitors to the download pages will now be able
to choose to experience the ease and speed of public cloud computing and
Ubuntu.  For a direct link to the trial, please go to

Ubuntu 10.10 will be supported for 18 months on desktops, netbooks, and

Thanks to the efforts of the global translation community, Ubuntu is
available in 37 languages.  For a list of supported languages and
translation statistics for these and other languages, see:


Ubuntu 10.10 is also the basis for new 10.10 releases of Kubuntu,
Xubuntu, Edubuntu, UbuntuStudio, and Mythbuntu:

       Kubuntu  http://kubuntu.org/news/10.10-release
       Xubuntu  http://xubuntu.org/news/10.10-release
      Edubuntu  http://edubuntu.org/news/10.10-release
     Mythbuntu  http://mythbuntu.org/10.10/release
 Ubuntu Studio  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/10.10release_notes

To Get Ubuntu 10.10

To download Ubuntu 10.10, or obtain CDs, visit:


Users of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will be offered an automatic upgrade to 10.10
via Update Manager.  For further information about upgrading, see:


As always, upgrades to the latest version of Ubuntu are entirely free of

We recommend that all users read the release notes, which document
caveats and workarounds for known issues.  They are available at:


Find out what's new in this release with a graphical overview:


If you have a question, or if you think you may have found a bug but
aren't sure, try asking on the #ubuntu IRC channel, on the Ubuntu Users
mailing list, or on the Ubuntu forums:

 #ubuntu on irc.freenode.net

Helping Shape Ubuntu

If you would like to help shape Ubuntu, take a look at the list of ways
you can participate at:


About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a full-featured Linux distribution for desktops, laptops,
netbooks and servers, with a fast and easy installation and regular
releases.  A tightly-integrated selection of excellent applications is
included, and an incredible variety of add-on software is just a few
clicks away.

Professional services including support are available from Canonical and
hundreds of other companies around the world.  For more information
about support, visit:


More Information

You can find out more about Ubuntu and about this release on our


To sign up for future Ubuntu announcements, please subscribe to Ubuntu's
very low volume announcement list at:


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