[sf-lug] notes on set up of local network, ubuntu machines and printer - please improve them!

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 28 23:06:52 PDT 2010

Basic local network setup on ubuntu machines (10.04)  convention range of IP 
addresses dedicated to the machines on the network: 3-10 printers 11-49 
administrator 50-99 student computers 200-248 ??  DHCP server claims probably 
between 100-149  Manual configuration of the IP addresses of the computers  type 
the ifconfig command for the information about your network interfaces ifconfig  
configure your IP address to value 50->  sudo ifconfig eth  check 
that IP was chenged by repeating the ifconfig command ifconfig  if IP changed, 
connect the computer to the router by RG44 jack/Ethernet cable  ping the router, 
IP probably ping   cancel the process by control + c and 
continue further if the connection is established  set up the IP on second 
computer: sudo ifconfig etc  check the change by ifconfig and ping 
the router  ping the first computer from the second computer ( ping  connect the printer through the graphical interface to the one of 
the printers and set it up as a printing server.   Next week I hope to the the 
command line options on connecting the printers and sharing the printer from 
several computers.


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