[sf-lug] grant writing help

Brian Morris cymraegish at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 20:07:15 PDT 2010

Did you ever think about getting the kids to write letters (using
their Linux computers) ?

You could try someone at Google maybe  -- since they use a lot of
Linux (actually have outlawed Windoze on site recently), make sure the
kids know that. What other big corporations use Linux (and would like
to see more people with basic skills and comfort with it around) --
makes a good research topic.

Give them a taste of  "Free as in freedom". My business teacher I
quote often said "People work for freedom not for money".

The flat panel monitors you might consult whoever pays the electric
bills, since they do pay for themselves that way.

Just a few suggestions.

Another idea getting the kids involved is for them to learn somethings
about the hardware. For instance what are the speed bottlenecks and
what can be improved with parts upgrades. Linux has very many good
tools for this. Also for keeping track of the old machines condition
such as  SMART for hard drives. Are they learning basic tools also
such as hdparm, free, dmesg, lspci, etc ? The first thing I got into
in Linux was the ease and completeness in getting info on your


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