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Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 17:49:15 PDT 2010


We have another opportunity to help local schools use GNU-Linux and FOSS.
 This Saturday, September 25, from 10 to 11:00 at the Oakland Museum of
California at 1000 Oak St
Oakland, CA 94607-4892, (510) 238-2200, we will be picking up monitors for
schools and taking the monitors to the Creative Arts Charter School in San
Francisco.  Anyone who has a car is very welcome to come and help us move
monitors.  Monitors have a secondary market, and so they often are the
limiting commodity that stops us from providing complete computer systems to
the schools.  So these monitors will be very useful for us, indeed.  So if
you would like to help, please call Christian at 415-351-1300, and leave a
message if you get voice mail.  The time and place to meet will be 10:00 at
the Oakland Museum of California at 1000 Oak Street.  You will need to call
Christian at any rate in order to coordinate the pick-up of the monitors.
 We will need at least one big box truck, or two pick-up trucks, or four
cars to move all of the monitors.

After we move the monitors, if we still have time left, we will be taking
the old monitors from their storage space at the Creative Arts Charter
School and we will take them to the KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy, where
they will eventually be picked up and given to the Alameda County Computer
Resource Center, which provides us with Linux computers.

If there is time left over after that, we will triage machines at the
Creative Arts Charter School, and we will look for a network printer for one
of the KIPP teachers.  If you happen to have a working network printer that
you could donate, please let us know.

Pizza will be served at 2 pm or when we are done moving, whichever comes
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