[sf-lug] Monday night books and promo stuff

jim jim at systemateka.com
Sun Sep 19 11:41:04 PDT 2010

   Re tomorrow night's meeting at the Cafe Enchante 
(6 PM to 8 PM)... 

   SF-LUG now has a sign to display at whatever 
tables we use at our Cafe Enchante meetings (we 
might even be able to leave it somewhere during 
the week to promote local interest). 
   SF-LUG now has bookmarks that have the image 
of the penguin on the transamerica building on 
one side and essential meeting and web site 
information on the other. The idea is to spread 
these around town, in the library, in bookstores, 
other places where people might want bookmarks. 
   Both ideas came from Bobbie Sellers, and 
bless you a lot, Bobbie, for the ideas and the 
work you put into making them. 

   Also, when I show up tomorrow night, I think 
I'll be able to remember to bring those pierce 
publishing books for give-aways: 
* The Official Ubuntu Server Book, by Kyle Rankin 
  and Benjamin Mako Hill, Prentice Hall 
* The Official Ubuntu Book, by Benjamin Mako Hill, 
  Matthew Helmke, Corey Burger, Prentice Hall 
* The Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook, 
  by Evi Nemeth, et als, Prentice Hall 

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