[sf-lug] Linux Users' Group of Davis, September 18th Software Freedom Day, September 20th "Haiku" operating system

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Mon Sep 13 17:13:03 PDT 2010

The Linux Users' Group of Davis (LUGOD) will be holding a hands-on
demonstration of Linux and other open source software, and giving out
a limited number of free software discs as part of international
"Software Freeom Day"

  September 18, 2010
  4:00pm - 7:00pm

At the Davis Food Co-Op's demo station (near the meat department)

  Davis Food Co-Op
  620 G Street
  Davis, California 95616

For more about this event, and Software Freedom Day, visit:



Additionally, LUGOD's next meeting takes place the following Monday:

  September 20, 2010
  7:00pm - 9:00pm

The meeting will be held at:

  Explorit Nature Center  (aka Explorit's Mace Ranch Facility)
  3141 5th Street
  Davis, California 95616


  "Haiku" operating system
  with Scott McCreary and Urias McCullough of the Haiku Project

  Haiku is a project to create an open source operating system compatible
  with BeOS.  BeOS was optimized for digital media work and was written
  to take advantage of modern hardware facilities such as symmetric
  multiprocessing, pervasive multithreading, preemptive multitasking
  and a custom 64-bit journaling file system known as BFS. Its GUI was
  developed on the principles of clarity and a clean, uncluttered design
  and its API was written in C++ for ease of programming. Though it has
  POSIX compatibility and access to a command-line interface through
  Bash, internally it is not a Unix-derived operating system. Haiku
  aims to be compatible with BeOS at both the source and binary level,
  allowing software written and compiled for BeOS to compile and run
  without modification on Haiku.

For more details on this meeting, visit:


For maps, directions, public transportation schedules, etc., visit:


About LUGOD:

  The Linux Users' Group of Davis is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization
  dedicated to the Linux computer operating system and other Open Source
  and Free Software.

  Since 1999, LUGOD has held regular meetings with guest speakers
  in Davis, California, as well as other events in Davis and the greater
  Sacramento region.  Events are always free and open to the public.

  Please visit our website for more details:  http://www.lugod.org/

Bill Kendrick
pr at lugod.org
Public Relations Officer
Linux Users' Group of Davis

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