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Thanks to Grant Bowman, Anthony Riley, and John Strazzarino, who came to the
KIPP San Francisco Academy, a public middle school, to install GNU-Linux on
computers in two separate classrooms.  One of these teachers had never used
Linux before, jason Patrone.  Jason steamed into his classroom, not
expecting us to see us there, and stopped short briefly, surprised to see so
many unknown adults in his classroom.  Then he saw me, and realized that
these four unknown guys were there to help him out with his computer needs
for his kids.

He came over and extended his hand out to each of us and thanked each of us
for being there.  I did not do a hard sell at all to this teacher, in fact,
this teacher had reached out to me to request these machines.

His kids are 8th graders, and so are going to need the computers to prepare
their applications to get into good high schools next year.  They will also
be doing spontaneous research on these machines, which will save them from
having to walk one block east a d down a flight of stairs into the Microsoft
Windows lab.  Our efforts today will thus make Linux more relevant and
Microsoft a bit less relevant in their lives.

All told, we installed GNU-Linux on 4 machines in Jason's classroom, and on
3 machines in the classroom of Melissa Crosby.  Another machine in Melissa's
room has Microsoft Windows on it , but will soon be dual-booted with Linux.
At John's suggestion, we downloaded Austrumi Linux for the purpose of
getting past the Microsoft Windows password.  Just google nt_pass if you
want to see how that is done.    :-)

Thanks again to Grant, Anthony and John for a very productive day!

On Aug 27, 2010 3:54 PM, "Christian Einfeldt" <einfeldt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are at it once again. Our volunteers will be going into a local public
> school this weekend to build a Linux network for a teacher. If you are
> interested in helping out, please email me here and please feel free to
> up Sunday, August 29, at 10:00 at the KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy at
> O'Farrell and Scott streets. There is plenty of free parking. If you call
> me at 415-351-1300 when you arrive, I will open the gate so that you can
> park off street. The Geary Street bus stops directly outside the school at
> Geary and Scott Streets. Please bring screw drivers and needle nose pliers
> and circuit testers. If you have Ubuntu 10.04 on a stick, that would be
> helpful too.
> This is the beginning of the 7th school year that there have been Linux
> computers at the KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy!
> If we get a lot of volunteers, or if we finish at KIPP, we will walk 3
> blocks to the Creative Arts Charter School to work on Linux machines
> We will have a free pizza lunch at 2:00 pm purchased by my very cool boss,
> Al Stoll.
> Thanks in advance for your interest in this project!
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