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Al Franken for Senate 2014 - Email Update  
Dear Vincent,
In just a few short weeks, more than 85,000 people have signed my petition to 
protect net neutrality and stop the corporate takeover of our media.
And as corporations continue to plot mergers that would reduce consumer choice 
on television and agreements that might undermine the free flow of information 
online, it's more important than ever that we stand together and make our voices 
As I've said before, the Comcast/NBC merger could be the spark for a new wave of 
media consolidation that would leave a few companies in control -- both of the 
pipes through which we receive programming and of that programming itself.
And if we don't act now to protect net neutrality and keep the Internet free and 
open, that corporate control will soon extend online.
This is a tough fight.  We're up against some of the biggest corporations in 
America and, thanks to the Citizens United decision, their influence over our 
political system has never been stronger.
But our government -- regulators, members of Congress, the Obama administration 
-- still gets a say in this.  They can put stringent restrictions on mergers 
like Comcast/NBC.  They can take steps to mitigate corporate influence in our 
regulatory system and our elections.
And, maybe most important of all, they can write the principle of net neutrality 
into law so that, no matter what happens, we can count on a free and open 
But first, we have to make them do it.
I'm so proud of our effort so far.  And in the weeks ahead, I'm going to keep 
asking more and more people to join us so that our voices can be heard loud and 
It's going to be a tough fight.  But with your help, we can win it.
Thanks for everything,

P.S. -- If you want to help me keep the momentum going strong, you can tell your 
friends on Twitter and Facebook and encourage them to sign our petition.  Or you 
can direct people to my speech at Netroots Nation and op-ed on CNN.com for more 
information.  And, I suppose, you could always chip in a few bucks to help us 
reach more supporters.  Thanks!
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