[sf-lug] Sharing Experience...

Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Thu Jul 15 19:49:03 PDT 2010

     Mandriva provided a hugh package of updates
After the machine installed the updates I was
told I had xxx number of "orphaned" packages
and that i could do "urpme  --auto-orphans" to
take care of that problem.

     I didn't do it last night and this morning
the machine would not boot giving me some
message about lack of space for  /temp.

     I took me several hours to remember that
almost casual message from last night but
finally I did and resolved the problem.

     Watch out for those casual suggestions.
     In my case it should have been phrased
as "You must open a terminal and execute,
"urpme  --auto-orphans", immediately".

     Anyhow I spent the time it took crawling
thru the file trees looking for excess and managed
to dump 38 MB of old stuff so it wasn't totally
a waste but of my time and energy.


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