[sf-lug] Found an Asentia J10

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu May 20 16:53:08 PDT 2010

As possible help for Bobbie, and to put perspective onto memory 
usage, I just fetched onto my Debian system what is about the
smallest-possible graphical word processor (going by RAM footprint) 
that would be workable, Mark de Does's "Ted".  Ted is a tiny
RTF-oriented word processor, roughly comparable with MS-Windows's
Wordpad.  It uses the antique Motif/Lesstif graphical libraries.

The version I fetched wasn't from 15 years ago, but rather was the final
release (packaged in 2005) most recently included in Debian's 4.0 "etch"
release, and dropped from the archive after that.

Memory footprint:

$ ps auxw | grep -i ted
rmoen     6718  0.1  0.1   9372  3836 ?        Ss   16:37   0:00 /usr/bin/Ted

So:  Virtual memory size of the process is 9 MB.  Resident set size
is 4 MB.  So, even with most of the running code swapped out, you have a
hard code of 4 MB resident RAM.

I remember Ted because of an old FAQ I used to maintain about Corel
WordPerfect for Linux (which, by the way, has RSS of about 6-8 MB, plus
a bunch more if you ever print anything).  The WP for Linux FAQ include
a (formerly?) handy page about alternative apps, including Ted:

Lightweight graphical e-mail clients for Linux?  Good luck on that, but
here's a list of all Linux e-mail clients I know of:

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