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Wed May 19 12:00:05 PDT 2010


   |Date:    |Wednesday, May 26, 2009  |
   |Time:    |6:00 - 8:00 PM           |
   |         |Bayshore Technology Park |
   |Location:|1300 Island Drive        |
   |         |Redwood City, CA 94065   |
   |         |Suite 106 - Training Room|
   |RSVP:    |Facebook: (coming soon)  |
   |         |or mail rsvp at penlug.org  |

   Note we are now meeting on Wednesdays! Since March 2010, we moved to the
   fourth Wednesday of each month (except in November and December, when we
   will meet on the second Wednesday to avoid holiday conflicts). The meeting
   is hosted by NewlineNoosh. There is no sponsor for food/drinks, so please
   bring a potluck item to share.


     * 6:00 PM Potluck snacks
     * 6:15 PM Free book giveaways or other prizes
     * 6:30 PM Presentation begins
     * 8:00 PM Meeting ends

  Linux Open-Source Virtualization Roadmap

   Abstract : Linux supports multiple open-source technologies for
   virtualization, the most popular being Xen, KVM, OpenVZ and Vservers. Each
   has its strengths, weaknesses and tradeoffs, so selecting the right one
   for your environment is non-trivial.

   This talk will cover the capabilities of the four major virtualization
   types, in the following areas.

   Resource use : All methods of virtualization impose an overhead in
   addition to the cost of processes running within each virtual machine.
   However, this overhead varies between KVM (the most expensive) and OpenVZ
   (the cheapest).

   Isolation : Virtual machines should be ideally isolated from each other
   and from the host system, and be limited in the amount of CPU, RAM, disk
   space and network bandwidth they can use. However, in practice the level
   of isolation depends on the technology used - Xen performs with best,
   Vservers the worst.

   Manageability : A good virtualization technology makes it easy to create,
   manage, move and destroy virtual systems. Each of the four types has its
   own tools, commands and configuration file format.

   Flexibility : Some virtualization methods like OpenVZ and Vservers can
   only run Linux, while others like Xen and KVM can run almost any operating
   system, if they have the required hardware support.

   Future support : Each technology is developed by different groups, and not
   all are as well maintained. KVM is the leader here, as it is now part of
   the Linux kernel, while Vservers seems to be falling behind.

  Jamie Cameron, Webmin

   Jamie is the developer of Webmin, a popular open-source web-based system
   administration took for Linux and Unix systems. He also works on
   Virtualmin (a web hosting control panel) and Cloudmin (an interface for
   managing virtual systems).


  Although it is not required, we like to have an idea of how many
  people to expect, so if possible please email rsvp at penlug.org if you
  are planning to attend.


  For information on getting to the meeting, please see:

  Traffic on 101 can be pretty bad in the evening, so we encourage you
  to check traffic conditions before driving by dialing 5-1-1 on your
  phone or visiting www.511.org, and if possible to take public transit
  (best bet: bicycle via Caltrain) or carpool to this meeting.


  See www.penlug.org for more information.

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