[sf-lug] pdns-recursor

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun May 16 21:09:21 PDT 2010

Quoting Alex Kleider (a_kleider at yahoo.com):

> ..and as an aside, O'Reily should be paying you to write books.
> This last round of inquiry on my part resulted from having read the
> first 3 chapters of their DNS and BIND book by Liu and Albitz, which
> (the books first 3 chapters, I mean,) from my perspective, failed to
> clarify what you've done in a couple of emails.

Odd that you should say that.  Back in the day, _DNS and BIND_ was one
of the books that finally convinced me that _not_ all O'Reilly books are
particularly good.  Back in the 1980s, I used to think, as did a lot of
other people (I believe), that the Nutshell series in particular, but
also any O'Reilly book in general, was always a safe purchase if you
wanted the very best tutorials and reference books.  I learned better.

The one that really convinced me was O'Reilly's book _Sendmail_,
originally by Eric Allman, Sendmail's author -- aka the Bat Book (now
1312 pages in its 4th edition).  Man, I've seldom seen a more
functionally useless book:  Yes, the answer to every question you could
possibly ask about Sendmail is doubtless in there somewhere, but you'll
never find it when you need it.

Anyway, yeah, Cricket Liu's _DNS and BIND_ is a bloody awful way to try
to learn DNS.

FWIW, I make available my example zonefiles and BIND configuration files
in order to help people learn how to do _authoritative_ DNS properly, 
though that doesn't help with the larger surrounding questions such as
those you have asked.  (Authoritative DNS is where you want DNS
published for a domain you own.)



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