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(Please pass on! I don't know enough faculty at local schools, your
word of mouth is appreciated.)

Have you considered the benefits of teaching open source participation
in the classroom?  More than teaching tools and technology, teaching
open source is about giving students a chance to get hands on with
real code in real situations.  A chance to build skills and
experiences that scale to fit the classroom.

Professors' Open Source Summer Experience, or POSSE, is a week long
class taught by open source community experts from Red Hat and the
Open Source Initiative, for those who teach higher education or
advanced students in computer science/engineering and electrical
engineering (CS, CE, EE.)  In this class we teach the skills to be
"productively lost" through participation in actual projects.  These
skills are transferable directly to teaching open source participation
in the classroom.


We're offering the first California POSSE in Mountain View, 05 to 09
July.  If you or someone you know is interested, read more here:


POSSE itself is free; attendees pay their own travel, lodging, and
expenses. To find out more or to apply, check out the program page and
send in an application.


If you have questions, our general Teaching Open Source mailing list
is used for support, networking, and discussion amongst teaching
colleagues and open source experts:


You may also email posse at teachingopensource.org for more information.

You are encouraged to pass on this email to anyone or anywhere there
might be professors interested in teaching open source.

name:  Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Sr. Community Gardener
team:                Red Hat Community Architecture
uri:               http://TheOpenSourceWay.org/wiki
gpg:                                       AD0E0C41
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