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 BBQ - Everyone is invited to Geeknic1 Bay Area, 

what is a Geeknic? 
A geeknic is a picnic for geeks. http://geeknic.org/  Anywhere there are geeks, a geeknic should happen.

We are going to be meeting outdoors (something unusual for some usgeeks) and having a good time. We'll have burgers, hotdogs, and someother good grilling fun. We'll also have some vegetarian options also,vegetables shish kabobs (with or without tofu.)

The goal is to alternate between different parts of The Bay. Youcan help plan for the next picnic in June. It will be in the South Bay, the next will be farther north. We would like moresuggestions for other venues.

== When and Where ==
* Saturday, May 1, 2010  
* 12:30 til 5:30pm
* Heather Farms Park - 1750 Heather Drive

Get Directions
 Walnut Creek


Once you are in the park, follow the Penguin signs

If youneed a ride from BART to the park email ahead of time info <AT>gidgetkitchen <DOT> org - or call Mark at 510 228-4646 or try the IRC Channel #gidgetkitchen on Freenode.

Free to attend, bring a dish - 


 Heather Farms is a great location. Many things to do there. Nicegardens nearby, birds to feed, etc. We can also throw a frisbee or usethe redball to play a game of kickball.


Hope to see you there!


Sorry on the short notice, we are also planning http://gidgetkitchen.org/wiki/Geeknic2 for June. I was under the impression we had already had sent invites to you nice people at the start of the month. Hmm, better late than never :)

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