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Sorry, meant to send that to the whole group.

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Apple doesn't want to gain market share. Part of there appeal is that they are not mainstream and better for creative people. That way they can justify there high profit margins. They can also make people believe that they are a superior machine. Have you ever noticed you can't by Apple products at a mom & pop store. Only larger retailers and chic Apple stores. Remember Macadam? Ironically, Apple's growth appears to be among software developers, from my observation. They like using vi not having to get special work arounds to install hardware or software.

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Actually, that was the article I posted was all about. Check out Defective by Design: http://www.defectivebydesign.org/. Look at what Apple is doing with there DRM software. Scary stuff.

AAPL, at $219 B is now 82% of the market cap of MSFT at $266 B and 117% of GOOG at $186 B.  

Will Apple's growth help Free Sotware on the desktop?  To the extent that Apple shows people that they can use something other than Microsoft Windows, that is a wee bit helpful.  Much of what keeps GNU-Linux out of the mainstream is the interlocking dependencies that keep people locked into the Microsoft Windows desktop.  Breaking those dependencies might help Linux edge in.

And Apple is helping to break Adobe's dominance with Flash, which is a good thing, if it will allow Free formats to edge in.

In other words, as the market becomes more fragmented and less dominated by one name, the greater room there is for alternatives to grow.

On the other hand, Apple's support of DRM is problematic for the growth of open formats and thus, indirectly, Free Software.
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